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April 15th, 2007 deutsch

“Will Work For Food” takes part in the frame of: Heimatkunde – Lebensmittelpunkt (Local history – primary residence) oard and lodging in the Neustadt quarter

*25 - 27. Mai 2007 “Will Work For Food” / “3 Brote fĂĽr ein Lied”
Karl Heinz Jeron/Berlin (
Programmiert und organisiert von Uschi Reiter – – Kunst und
Kultur im Netz*

“Heimatkunde – Lebensmittelpunkt” is a three-part series of artistic interventions engaging with public space. The interventions will happen in the period from May to November 2007. The focus of the series is the process of perceiving, getting to know each other, communicating and exchanging knowledge and life experience between artists, users and residents of the Neustadt quarter. An experiment. The smallest common denominator is a dinner combined with an arranged information exchange, which forms the basis for discussions between the guests. The risk: they possibly share only that one evening. The chance: an enriching evening and new acquaintances outside of one’s own microcosm.
“Will Work For Food” is a project about labour and barter economy. Small robotic vehicles trade their manpower for food. The vehicles can draw and whistle the popular songs “Happy Birthday” and “The Internationale”. People can borrow one of the vehicles and let them work for them. After completing the assignment the vehicles have to be returned or given over to somebody else who needs their skills.
On 1 May a group of vehicles is going to demonstrate on the main square of Linz, the Hauptplatz. From that time on, the residents of the Neustadt quarter and interested visitors can pick up vehicles at the gallery KunstRaum Goethestrasse.
The “Will Work For Food” happening takes place from 25 to 27 May at the KunstRaum Goethestrasse and deals with the desire to find a new definition of labour. The event centres on new ideas of what work means to the individual and focuses on the disjunction of work from covering the cost-of-living of the individual. “Will Work For Food” provides an occasion and a space for social interaction and discussion. On location, in the gallery, the bartered food will be prepared and new vehicles will be produced.

*Eine Kollaboration von*
Kulturverein Zweitausendundsechs (
KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd ( – Kunst und Kultur im Netz (

gefördert von: Linz Kultur



KunstRaum Goethestrasse,
GoethestraĂźe 22
4020 Linz
tel. + fax.: 0732/651346-16 //- 18

Uschi Reiter